About us

Bridging the gap
between the complexities
of the construction process
and the realization
of our client’s vision.

Most Construction projects are complex, expensive and risky to even the most sophisticated owner.  The typical project requires owners to make many decisions on issues that they are not well versed in and beyond their expertise. Many of the decisions will require interpreting unfamiliar information that will directly impact the overall cost and schedule of the project.

Enter TurnKey, an owner will benefit from having a company on their side to translate information, clarify concerns and supply solutions to make the owners decision-making process less complicated. TurnKey is experienced in coordinating a project from its inception, through the intricacies of the construction, to its completion. Along the way, Turnkey will provide support and advice to assist the owner in mitigating risks, preventing unnecessary expenses and minimizing scheduling delays.

Our Philosophy

Although Turnkey has the experience, knowledge and resources to help owner’s resolve problems and concerns during the course of a construction project. Turnkey’s Philosophy is to be as proactive as possible to avoid or mitigate any issues that may disrupt the project or create difficulty for the client during a project.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the Owner with a clear path through the complexities and often times unfamiliar construction process; ultimately leading to a project that is on time and on budget.

Our Values

Transparency and Integrity are core to Turnkey’s values. We promote a culture of openness, in that clients and stakeholders know how we operate, what is happening and what to expect at every stage of a project. Integrity is also vital to our operating discipline in that we value honesty and straightforward relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

Our History

Prior to founding Turnkey Consulting Group, our President Mr. Jorge Amparo received a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering from The New Jersey Institute of Technology. Spanning over 30 years, Mr. Amparo worked for some of the largest Construction Management firms in the New York City area including HRH Construction, Skanska, Rockrose Development and Pavarini McGovern. While working for these companies Mr. Amparo completed construction projects in the aggregate of over 3 billion dollars in construction value.  Amid the course of Mr. Amparo’s career he has acquired a broad range of experience working across various construction sectors, including out of the ground high-rise residential, medical, commercial and hospitality.

After many years of watching owners make decisions on issues that are beyond their expertise and not typically core to their organizations mission. Some of the decisions made involved significant financial and schedule impacts as well as required collecting and interpreting unfamiliar data from the design and construction teams. Mr. Amparo started Turnkey Consulting Group in 2010 so owners have the benefit of having someone on their side to interpret information and guide them through the decision-making process. Through Mr. Amparo’s many years of experience he has become well-versed in project planning and delivery which will lead to successfully negotiating through the complexities of a construction project.