Contract Negotiations

Negotiate contract terms, services and monetary compensation for design team and contractor

Procurement Oversight

Oversee the acquisition of products and services outside the scope of the contractor

Cost Control

Manage client’s budget to illustrate real time cost exposures

Value Engineering

Assist client in finding cost saving without compromising project quality and design intent

Schedule Review

Review contractor’s schedule for construction logic, continuity and overall construction timeframe

Contractor Procurement

Assist with locating, evaluating and procuring the appropriate contractor

Owner Advocate and Advisor

Provide guidance, address client concerns, advise on potential project pitfalls, suggest solutions

Project Updating

Maintain regular contact with client via multiple avenues of communication

Design Team Procurement

Assist with locating, evaluating and procuring the appropriate design team members, i.e., Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, etc.

Closeout and warranty procedures

Coordinate with contractor to verify all specified warranties are forwarded to client, confirm with expediter and contractor that all necessary documents have been submitted to governing agencies for final approval and acceptance

Project Meeting Representation

Represent the client at design and project meetings

Manage Construction Progress

Oversee and monitor construction progress to maintain the project schedule through steady contact with contractor and site walk-throughs

Our Process


Understand the vision

Turnkey will meet with you personally to discuss your objectives and expectations for the project.


Find what works

Based on your feedback, Turnkey will recommend the type of services needed to meet your objectives and expectations.



After finding which services work best, Turnkey will move forward with implementing the appropriate services to fully realize your vision.